In the Space of a Moment

This was an answer to a challenge on the ImzadiAll list.  Write the missing "Insurrection" scene after the R/T encounter in her office and before the famous bubblebath.

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Rated NC-17 for sex.   If you're underage, go back and find something else to read.


In the Space of a Moment

by: Tracy L. Sobieski

Deanna Troi sat on the middle of her bed, dressed in nothing more than an ancient T-shirt of Will's that had been languishing in her dresser drawer for more years than she cared to remember.  

Where had all the time gone?  Almost twenty years.  Twenty years of what?  Emptiness.  Solitude.  


"Could two people go back and correct the mistakes they had made?" he'd asked her.

Her glib response hid the deeper emotions churning just below the surface.  She'd pushed him out of her office soon after.  Too shocked to really deal with what was happening.  Although, she had to admit, it felt *so* good to have him with her again.  So right.

The chime on her door sounded.  It was Will, she felt him deep within her.  Something she had not allowed herself to do in such a long time.

"Come in," she called out.

Gone was the playful, seductive man who had left her a few short hours before.  In his place was a troubled figure who shook slightly as he approached her.  

The hiss of the door closing behind him seemed thunderously loud.

Sitting on the foot of her bed, he was careful not to touch her.

"It's not as simple as that, is it?" he asked quietly.

"No," she replied with a small smile.  "But then...nothing about us has *ever* been simple."

Will chuckled softly.  "When did you become such a master of understatement?"

"It's a required course for the Commander's pips, remember?  "Understatement and False Security When Everything Around You is Falling Apart.'"

Her little attempt at humor fell flat.

He frowned.  "Is everything falling apart around you, Imzadi?"

Deanna shivered at the husky, soft spoken question.

"I don't know.  Maybe.  I'm not sure we can make this work, Will," she admitted, her breath catching with emotion.  "And I'm not sure I can survive if we don't."

He sighed.  "Survive is all we've done for the last twenty years, Deanna.  I'm ready to *live* again.  I want a life when I leave the bridge."

Will stood up and paced to the other side of her quarters.  

"And I can't imagine having that life with *anyone* but you." he told her quietly.  "I want to spend my time with you.  I want to know you're there when things are completely out of control.  I want to *be* there for you when 'everything falls apart' and nothing but chocolate can cure it.  I want to sleep in your bed every night, knowing you're safe because it's *my* arms that are protecting you."

He paused and turned to face her.  "I want to have children with you before it's too late."

Her face paled visibly and an unconscious hand drifted to her stomach.  

"Children?" she asked on a fractured breath.

"Yes, Imzadi.  Children.  A family.  A home.  A life."

Her hand trembled violently as she brushed the tears from her face, but they were replaced by fresh ones faster than she could wipe them away.

"Damn you, Will Riker!" she cried.  "All these years!  All this time!  I've moved on!  I stopped waiting for you more than a decade ago!  How *dare* you say this to me now!"

"You haven't moved on," Will told her coldly.  "No more than I have.  I saw the assignment at Starfleet Medical you turned down six months ago, Deanna.  Captain's pips and Head of Starfleet Psychiatric Services."

"You knew about that?" she asked, more than a little surprised.  Not even Captain Picard knew about that offer.

"Why, Deanna?  Why didn't you take it?"

"I'm happy on the Enterprise."  She lifted her chin in a defensive maneuver.

Will smiled knowingly.  "Right.  Because you have your job and your friends...and that's all you need."


He moved toward her now.  Intent.  Dangerous.  She scooted off the bed, backing away from him until her back met the wall.  And then he was there.  So close, yet not quiet touching.  Had he always been this big?  She couldn't remember ever feeling this vulnerable with him before.

One large hand came up to wind it's way into her hair, tilting her head back so he could look into her dark eyes.  The other, snaked it's way around her waist, locking her against him.  He was hard and hot and all male.  And she melted into him.

"There are some things you never forget, once you learn how," Will whispered as his mouth brushed erotically across the hard line of her jaw.  "Like slipping into your mind, Imzadi."

Deanna gasped when she felt his consciousness enter hers.  

"Don't think you can lie to me," he warned her, lifting his head again.  "I *know* you, Deanna Troi.  Better than I know myself."  

She looked up at him, reached out with her mind...only to be blocked!  Her eyes widened.

"Oh no, you don't," he growled softly.  "You're not getting the upper hand this time."

When had he learned to do this?  How had he learned?  Deanna simmered with anger.  She didn't like not having the use of her empathic abilities.  Especially when dealing with him.

"I *know*," he ground out before his mouth found hers.

Will had kissed her on occasion over the years.  Kisses of friendship.  Kisses of comfort.  Once or twice, kisses of passion that led to no where.  

But never had he kissed her like this.

He was everywhere all at once.  In her, around her, over her....  

His mouth was demanding.  His hands moved almost roughly across her skin.  She moaned against his lips, her hands pulled desperately at his clothing until he was as bare as she.  Full length against her, he began his assault on her mouth again.  His tongue tangled with hers in an all consuming fury.  Will pulled her with him until they fell hard on the bed.  

There was no quarter asked and none was given.  His kisses were fierce and bruising, his touch hot and exacting.  He wanted all of her, body and soul.  

Just as she wanted him.  

She trailed tiny, biting kisses down his chest and stomach.  He tensed with the effort to remain still.  When she took him in her mouth he cried out from the sheer heat of her lips and tongue.  It wasn't long before he pulled her off, he couldn't take it.  Not this time.

With a growl, he rolled her under him.  Grinding his hips against her softness, he almost lost it when she rose to meet him.  A hand found her breast, kneading the soft, heated curve while his thumb grazed over the beaded tip over and over.  

"Will," she moaned, pressing up into his hand.

"Soon," he promised.

Sliding lower, his beard tickled the soft skin of her stomach, making her squirm in his arms.  Wet, hot, open mouth kisses.  Sharp, stinging, little bites.  Then lower.  Strong hands spread her thighs, making room for him.  He slid his hands under her hips to lift her to his mouth so he could taste her.  She shuddered with pleasure.  He tongued the center of her pleasure while his fingers slid deep inside.  Deanna trembled in ecstasy as he drove her higher and higher.  She thrashed and begged.  And he still didn't rush.  Deeper.  Harder.  Tighter.   

Her scream shattered the silence when the climax slammed into her.

Will rose up to settle between her legs.  Hands entwined in her hair, he forced her to look at him.

With a single, heavy stroke he was inside her completely.  

In her mind.

In her body.

In her soul.


She gasped, back arched, head driven back, nails digging into his shoulders.  Then he withdrew fully and waited for her gaze to meet his before he stroked in again.  And again.  And again.  Long and hard, making her feel it all, making him feel it all....

Awareness came back to Deanna in increments.  The sounds of the ship.  The faint light in the room.  The rise and fall of Will's chest under her cheek.  The hand that gently stroked the small of her back.

She was lying sprawled across him, he legs falling on either sides of his hips.  He must have rolled them both over, but for the life of her, she couldn't remember him doing it.

"Are you all right?" he asked with concern.

Lifting her head, she met his watchful eyes.

"Yeah," she smiled.  "Just a little overwhelmed.  It's been a while."

Will smiled back.  "I could tell."

She reached up and touched the whiskers of his beard with the tips of her fingers.

"This has *got* to go," she told him in no uncertain terms.

Will raised an eyebrow.  "I'm not shaving it off."

"Fine.  I'll do it for you."

When she began to move off him, his arms tightened around her.

"You never answered my question," he reminded her.

Deanna frowned.  "What question?"

"Why are you still here in the Enterprise?"

She blinked back the burn of tears from her eyes.

"Same reason you are."