or the paradox from hell, as I call it...


Well darnit all. I didn't mean to publish this site yet, as you can see by all the broken links.

I was waiting until I finished the series. Being a single mom of four with no life has provided me with ample time to write and a desire to visit my original characters again.

So, since I'm an idiot and still can't figure out how this published when I KNOW I didn't hit "publish." I'll do my best to get the site back up and running in the next few days. Along with at least one new story.

Star Trek belongs to Paramount and I make no claim on it.

I do, however, own the original characters in this series. Because I submitted some of this series in script format to Paramount for Voyager, they are protected under copyright law.

I have, on one occasion, loaned my original characters to another writer (IceSlivers) for her Beyond Enterprise series. We thought it would be fun to incorporate some of my characters into her universe and we worked on it together. This, by no means, gives anyone else the right to use these people in their stories.

I also request that no one archive any of my work without my express permission.

I have adult stories linked to this page. My own and others. These stories are tastefully done, in my humble opinion, and no more explicit than the average supermarket romance. I ask that any underage visitors to this page not access them. I am not responsible if your child reads something they aren't supposed to.

The artwork on this site is mine. Please do not take it without my permission. I'd like to thank Jen at Trekkerfun, Ann at I Love P/T, and especially D'Alaire for giving me what Voyager didn't and for all their wonderful screen caps that I've used along with the pics I got over at STISV.

I'm a "shipper" and I won't apologize for it. I like romance. It's what I read, it's what I write. Klingon Hearts is wildly-romantic, completely-contrived, larger-than-life, overly-melodramatic, tongue-in-cheek to the point of parody. And it's the most fun I've had in a long, long time. I hope you will enjoy reading these adventures as much as I have writing them.

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